Justin Spence, Maintenance Officer.  Justin is an A&P mechanic who  is also the founder of Ultimate Aircraft Services. He is an expert in the maintenance of war ear aircraft. He also does fantastic sheet metal fabrication and painting. 

Rick Bell: Commanding Officer (C.O.). Rick is vital to our operations and serves as a liaison for the squadron to the national organization. Rick is a captain at Delta Airlines as well as serving on the general staff of the CAF. He is also a sponsor of the    B-29 "Fifi", T-33, and just about every other CAF airplane. 

Ted Nixon, Adjunct C.O. (On Right) is currently a MD-11 captain at FedEx when he is not flying his T-6 Texan. He is a sponsor and pilot in the  T-33 and flies formation aerobatic demonstration in airshows throughout the country 

Director of Flight Op's :David Peeler MD.n Dave began flying with his father at the age of five. He completed medical school and radiology residency at University of Tennessee and is an interventional radiologist with particular interest in trauma. He is responsible for the restoration of the Sea Fury, and also flys the P-51 "Red Nose", T-33, T-6, Extra-300, L-39, and Numerous Yak models, just to name a few. He is our formation lead every weekend and has his TRARON Low-Level and Aerobatic Demonstration cards. 

Gene Holcomb, Co Executive Officer (X.O.) is the former chief executive of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. He also served as President of The MED (Now Regional One Health) and the Memphis Zoo, among various other organizations, but is now retired. Gene has experience with numerous types of aircraft and helicopters but has a particular interest in formation flying with his F-1 Rocket Evo. Gene has been performing in air shows for nearly a decade, his favorite being Memphis in May's Sunset Symphony. When Gene is not flying the rocket he spends time flying his Cub.

 Morris Ray MD (Pictured at Oshkosh with David Peeler on his Right).

Morris is a retired neurosurgeon and former chairman of Semmes-Murphy Neurologic and Spine Institute. He is also former TRARON lead formation instructor and recipient of the Wright Brother's Master Pilot award. 

Phil Trenary: Safety Officer. Phil is the current president of the Memphis Chamber of Commerce and former chief executive of Pinnacle Airlines. Trenary has served as our safety officer for numerous years and is also an accomplished aviator himself. 

Kyle Gabrick MD Serves as Co Executive Officer (X.O.) with Gene.  Kyle completed medical school at University of Tennessee and is a first year surgical resident at Wake Forest University. He started flying at a young age with his father and later learned aerobatics from our flight lead, Dave. He enjoys flying acro in his dad's citabria and is an eager aerobatic student with interest in the Extra-300 and T-6 Texan. Kyle ultimately wants to fly P-51 Mustangs among numerous other types of aircraft.